The Fat, The Lean, and the Mean

When the residents of O.B. City's way of life is threatened by the weight-loss fanatic Marty and his pigeon cronies, a king is forced to embark on a cross-continental journey to foil their plans!

This film was created by some real Penciltopia veterans in the summer of 2009. Some of them were on the original team that created the film that became our namesake back in 2004! This team worked 5 full days a week for three weeks to create a script, storyboard, and shot list, and then tirelessly built multiple sets, props, and puppets. We recorded dialogue, and then animated in two teams for several weeks. After editing their film as a group, we went to composer Paul Hogan's recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to create an original score.
The result is an incredible film (our longest yet!) that really shows off how far these kids have come over the years. Ian and I continue to be impressed by this group again and again.

The Fat, the Lean and the Mean from Penciltopia on Vimeo.

Working on the shot list...225 shots! Yikes!

Creating the O.B. City set

Making some adjustments to the Marty puppet