St. Peter's School Winter 2014

St Peter's School Winter 2014 from Penciltopia on Vimeo.

This semester, St. Peter's students focused on animating a clay face, and had tons of fun with pixilation!

Summer Arts Session 3

The animators of Summer Arts are at it again; this time they designed, created, and animated Rube Goldberg inspired machines!

BFS Summer Arts 2013 - Session 3 from Penciltopia on Vimeo.

Summer Arts Session 2

Those Summer Arts kids are budding comedians! Check out these animated jokes! Hilarious!

BFS Summer Arts Session 2 from Penciltopia on Vimeo.

Summer Arts: Session 1

Summer Arts started with a bang! Students designed monsters and created paper puppets. With three animation stations in the room, they managed to animate over 8,500 frames!

BFS Summer Arts 2013 - Session 1 from Penciltopia on Vimeo.

Calhoun School Spring 2013

This semester's film is a tribute to our beloved NYC! From hot dogs to pizza, from the Statue of Liberty to a city bus, everyone has a voice in NYC! As a bonus, we've shared our flip books! Enjoy!

Calhoun School Spring 2013 from Penciltopia on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Friends School Spring 2013

The Spring classes at Brooklyn Friends School created this semester's films using advanced rotoscoping techniques to bring their characters to life. Prepare to be charmed by the Walrus, Jellyfish, Dinosaurs, and others!

St. Luke's School Winter 2013

This semester at St. Luke's we explored pixilation, animating found objects, we made a heart exlpode for valentines day. We also designed our own jointed paper monsters and brought them to life!

ST. Luke's School Winter 2013 from Penciltopia on Vimeo.