St. Luke's School: Spring 2009

I'm really fortunate to make films with the kids at St. Luke's. We have two classes with a variety of levels of skill, and the experienced filmmakers always help out and inspire the younger kids. Its a really cool working environment for everyone. In the beginner class, we experimented with a variety of techniques, including pixilation and white board animation, but everyone seemed to like animating Legos the best! The boys in the advanced class made a really cool film called "When Monsters Go Bad"that has the coolest opening shot, and an ending that still makes me laugh, even though I have watched the film about a hundred times! Morgan, who has been taking classes with me since she was in 3rd grade (she's now going into 7th!), wrote a really great script for a talkie, which was inspired by her real life. She learned a lot about creating realistic looking animated dialogue, and I was really impressed with how it came out!

St. Luke's School Spring 2009 from Penciltopia on Vimeo.